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Should AutoNoJSAPI do more?


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Things I'm a bit surprised it doesn't do:

1)  Enter a null compartment.
2)  Hide the scripted caller.

Specifically, putting an AutoNoJSAPI on the stack when the JS stack is nonempty does absolutely nothing to change the value returned by IncumbentGlobal(), afaict.  Seems wrong.
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Yeah, it should probably do both those things.
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So I tried doing this and it ran into a problem with workers. Specifically, worker runnables rely on the current Realm of the worker's one JSContext to figure out which global to operate in. See

This is basically only a problem for worker debugger runnables that are running against a debugger sandbox. Without this change they end up with the sandbox global as the global; with this change they end up with the worker debugger global instead, and run in the wrong global. Looking into what the options there are now.

Depends on: 1573589
Depends on: 1573590
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AutoNoJSAPI should make it clearer that script is not running.  r=bholley
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Bogdan, do you know why this was uplifted? I didn't request uplift for this, and I think it should just be riding the trains. Or is this just the normal "Firefox 70 is now beta" changeover?

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It was not uplifted. I did a planned merge from central to beta and, i ran bugherder on that push (by mistake).
Thus, your patch was merged to beta because it was in central at the right time. :)

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