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Intermittent layout/style/test/test_restyles_in_smil_animation.html | should restyle in most frames, | should restyle again


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This become very frequent since yesterday?
CCing Brian too since I suspect the high frequency started from dropping eRestyle_StyleAttribute [1].  I have no idea why dropping the restyle hint breaks this test. Unfortunately we have no idea how many restyles we got in the failure cases for now.

We don't know what the value of displayMarkers.length is so it's hard to know how this has changed. We should probably just disable this test for Android. It doesn't seem like it's likely to fail in a meaningful way on Android only.
It's nearly the weekend here, so I'm just going to suggest we disable this. I'll also push a patch to try with some more informative logging so next week we can think about what might be going wrong.
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Bug 1328522 - Disable test_restyles_in_smil_animation.html;

Quick hand!
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Here is a try run without the test disabled and just the extra logging (so we can retrigger and see how this fails):
I should have used an artifact build for that try run... oh well.
Pushed by
Disable test_restyles_in_smil_animation.html; r=hiro
And that commit message should have mentioned Android :(
It's time to go home.
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