The Web API incorrectly implies the domain is the ultimate ancestor/owner of stored content



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The page begins with: 

  The Web Storage API provides mechanisms by which browsers can store key/value pairs, in a much more intuitive fashion than using cookies.

And goes on to talk as if "web storage" is accessible via specific keys under a specific domain. That's misleading in two ways:

1 - It's not "web" storage, it's UA specific. (I realize mozilla are not responsible for the w3c's naming choices but...)

2 - The phrasing "browsers can" doesn't make clear that Firefox, for example, cannot access localStorage created via Chrome, for example.

Somewhere it should be made clear that "web" in this context doesn't mean anything like it does anywhere else in web tech. Also, make clear that localStorage is keyed *first* to the current UA, THEN the domain.

In short, WS is NOT browser-agnostic and the text should make that clear.

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2 years ago
I definitely added this to the initial report but it didn't show up?
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