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Add-on install snackbar/permission popup missing


(Firefox for Android :: Add-on Manager, defect, P1)

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Firefox 53
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(Reporter: JanH, Assigned: aswan)



(Keywords: regression)


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Seems like Fennec was forgotten when amIWebInstaller was removed in bug 1323129, which has broken
- the snackbar that appears when downloading an add-on
- and more importantly, the permissions dialogue that pops up when the install was blocked

> [JavaScript Error: "TypeError: invalid 'instanceof' operand Ci.amIWebInstallInfo" {file: "chrome://browser/content/browser.js" line: 5161}]
> observe@chrome://browser/content/browser.js:5161:1
> installNotifyObservers@resource://gre/modules/AddonManager.jsm:460:3
> Installer@resource://gre/modules/AddonManager.jsm:482:5
> onWebInstallRequested@resource://gre/modules/AddonManager.jsm:669:5
> installAddonFromWebpage@resource://gre/modules/AddonManager.jsm:2311:9
> installAddonFromWebpage@resource://gre/modules/AddonManager.jsm:3639:5
> installAddonFromWebpage/<@jar:jar:file:///data/app/org.mozilla.fennec-1/base.apk!/assets/omni.ja!/components/addonManager.js:128:7
> safeCall@resource://gre/modules/AddonManager.jsm:191:5
> makeSafe/<@resource://gre/modules/AddonManager.jsm:206:25
> process@resource://gre/modules/Promise.jsm -> resource://gre/modules/Promise-backend.js:917:23
> walkerLoop@resource://gre/modules/Promise.jsm -> resource://gre/modules/Promise-backend.js:801:7
> scheduleWalkerLoop/<@resource://gre/modules/Promise.jsm -> re
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Fennec wasn't forgotten, I assumed a clean try run would be sufficient.
From quick inspection, this ought to be fixable with something like the inline patch below.
I tried to read the instructions about how to run Fennec in an emulator from here but the external links are 404s:

Jan, do you want to try out the patch below or if not, can you point me to current instructions for running an emulator (on a mac)?

diff --git a/mobile/android/chrome/content/browser.js b/mobile/android/chrome/content/browser.js
--- a/mobile/android/chrome/content/browser.js
+++ b/mobile/android/chrome/content/browser.js
@@ -5155,18 +5155,18 @@ var XPInstallObserver = {
     Services.obs.addObserver(this, "xpi-signature-changed", false);
     Services.obs.addObserver(this, "browser-delayed-startup-finished", false);
   observe: function(aSubject, aTopic, aData) {
     let installInfo, tab, host;
-    if (aSubject && aSubject instanceof Ci.amIWebInstallInfo) {
-      installInfo = aSubject;
+    if (aSubject && aSubject.wrappedJSObject) {
+      installInfo = aSubject.wrappedJSObject;
       tab = BrowserApp.getTabForBrowser(installInfo.browser);
       if (installInfo.originatingURI) {
         host =;
     let strings = Strings.browser;
     let brandShortName = Strings.brand.GetStringFromName("brandShortName");
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Sure, I can give this a try later.

If you want to look into it yourself, should most of - I think that if you try ./mach install or ./mach run without a physical Android device attached, it'll automatically attempt to start the emulator (otherwise use ./mach android-emulator first). I can't guarantee it's 100% bug-free at the moment though. If in doubt, better ask in #mobile ...
Yup, seems working fine for me.
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Alright.  Sorry to continue to display my Fennec ignorance but do you think this is something we could/should add a test for or should we just land this as-is and move on?
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I'm no expert there, but

> could
Probably yes - because of the interaction with the native UI on Android, it might have to be a Robocop test ( to check that the expected UI is displaying and to cancel the attempted add-on installation.

> should
It would of course be nice, but you won't get shouted at if you didn't and just left a follow-up bug - I might be able to pick it up (although probably not very soon) or maybe somebody else would.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1330537
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Bug 1329450 Fix amIWebInstallInfo fallout on fennec
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Fix amIWebInstallInfo fallout on fennec r=JanH
Closed: 3 years ago
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This issue is verified as fixed on Firefox 53.0a1 (2017-01-15) under Android 6.0. 
The error presented in the description of this bug is not displayed anymore in remote debugging console and the add-ons can be installed without any issues.
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