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Consider providing a better keyboard-accessibility for fullscreen and closed caption buttons


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All the functionality of the controls (play/pause/volume/mute) is keyboard-accessible now[0], but we don't have equivalents for fullscreen and closed caption buttons. Right now, fullscreen/closed caption buttons are focusable(can be tabbed) to ensure its accessibility, however, the behavior doesn't align with other controls. 

We should come up with a better way to make fullscreen/closed caption buttons keyboard accessible instead of just making them focusable.

Hi, Alex

Do you have any idea about how to make the functionality of fullscreen/closed caption button keyboard-accessible? 
(I'm afraid I don't make this issue clear enough, so could you also see bug 1325594 comment 10 to get more context)

fullscreen button: a toggle to turn on/off fullscreen mode.
closed caption button: 
- only one closed caption is provided: a toggle to turn on/off closed caption
- multiple closed captions: a closed caption menu show up for user to select

Thanks :)
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See Also: → 887934
Keyboard shortcuts is a definitely nice thing, and some of them feels a standard ones like 'space' to play/pause the video, but in general learning curve is not that shallow as just keeping the controls focusable and using tabbing or arrowing to move between them.

I'm not sure I'm good on suggesting keyboard shortcuts, but I would consider shift+command+f for fullscreen mode, because it is also used to switch the browser into fullscreen mode and I guess we don't need such thing as two fullscreens, but if we need, then we can do it by subsequent key combo pressings.

No good ideas for captions, I would probably look for a combination that includes up/down arrows to navigation between caption options with one extra option to off the captioning.

Btw what other browsers do here?

Cc'ing more a11y folks.
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