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I installed a .pem file as a certificate for later use in Wifi authentication. Only later I realized that Firefox has its own, separate trust store from the rest of Android, so this doesn't actually work (I then used Chromium to install the certificate).
Now I am stuck with a certificate in my Firefox trust store that I don't want to be there. If I understand correctly, it is currently impossible to remove certificates again from the trust store. That's a rather severe problem, I now have the choice of either loosing all my bookmarks and settings or having a certificate trusted that I never wanted to trust for websites. Not good.
This might be a core browser feature we are missing - should this be added to trello / the roadmap?
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Added to the Trello board for the Taipei team to look into.

Depending on effort, I can't promise that this will get high priority but we will put it on our list.
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a year ago
That's great, thanks :)
See also bug 795767 - certificate overrides cannot be easily removed, either.
See Also: → bug 795767
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Hi Joe
Please help advise
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5 months ago
Consider using Android's built-in cert store?
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