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Specify a MixBlendMode for WebRenderLayers


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There are a couple of reftests in css-blending/ that are currently failing.

Specifying a WebRender::MixBlendMode should fix this.
Specifying the MixBlendMode using the Layer's gfx::CompositionOp seems to mostly work, but there seems to be a weird clipping(?) issue causing reftests to fail.

This could be an issue on the WebRender side.
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There are two test failures in this run. One is dependent on a fix in a webrender update. The other I believe has to do with transforms which we don't handle yet, so I think it is okay to mark it as failing for now.
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LGTM. In the future please upload patches using 8 lines of context in the diff hunks, instead of 3. If you're using mercurial you can add this your ~/.hgrc to accomplish this:

unified = 8

::: gfx/webrender_bindings/WebRenderTypes.h
@@ +33,5 @@
> +{
> +  switch (compositionOp)
> +  {
> +      case gfx::CompositionOp::OP_MULTIPLY:
> +        return  WrMixBlendMode::Multiply;

nit: just one space after "return", all the way down this function
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Also be sure to update the commit messages from "r=kats?" to "r=kats" when landing since they have been reviewed pre-landing. Thanks!
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Specify a WrMixBlendMode for WebRenderLayer r=kats
Mark 8 reftests as passing. r=kats
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Mark 3 reftests as passing. rs=kats
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