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Construct URLSearchParams from array or object


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record<> is not supported yet.
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>-/* static */ already_AddRefed<URLSearchParams>
>-URLSearchParams::Constructor(const GlobalObject& aGlobal,
>-                             URLSearchParams& aInit,
>-                             ErrorResult& aRv)
>-  RefPtr<URLSearchParams> sp =
>-    new URLSearchParams(aGlobal.GetAsSupports(), aInit);
>-  return sp.forget();

Why removing this is ok? Why do we have this non-standard ctor? Was it at some point in the spec?
Blink at least seems to allow URLSearchParams as a param to ctor, so it is very much not clear to me why this change is ok.
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Or is removing that ok since URLSearchParams has stringifier?
It's okay because URLSearchParams has iterable<>. The only observable difference is a custom iterator and I added a test for that.
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Ok, thanks Anne.

couldn't you in the test check that the right exception is thrown.
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It would be better if we added those tests to web-platform-tests.
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test for WPT

This patch has been sent as PR on github.
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Construct URLSearchParams from sequence or from string, r=smaug
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Do you mind sending an intent to ship for this?
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Flags: needinfo?(amarchesini)
I've had a go at updating the docs on this feature:

And what I have there at the moment seems to work fine. However, I'm a little confused - the most up to date WebIDL says this:

[Constructor(optional (sequence<sequence<USVString>> or record<USVString, USVString> or USVString) init = ""),

Now, I might be wrong, but the way I understand it a sequence is basically an array of objects. And I'm not sure what a record is...

I've tried experimenting with this:

1. when I try to pass an array of parameter USVStrings into URLSearchParams(), it throws a typeerror in Fx and Chrome
2. when I try to pass an object containing parameter USVStrings into URLSearchParams(), it works, but then any call to the object instance (e.g. paramObj.get('foo')) just returns null, even if I know the param is present in one of the USVStrings.

Can you give me some quick examples of using a sequence or record in this context? Feel free to hit me up over mail/IRC to avoid polluting the bug too much.
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Nested sequence of strings (note that the inner array has to be two items exactly): new URLSearchParams([["a", "1"], ["b", "2"]]).

Record: new URLSearchParams({a: "1", b: "2"}).

Thanks for documenting!
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And the record (object) support has been added to Firefox 54 in Bug 1331580, not Firefox 53 in this bug.
Cool, thanks both; I get it now. I've updated the ctor page to mention the sequence, but I still don't see the record syntax working in the latest nightly. Too new? I any case, I'll leave it for now, and fix it up when I come to write the Fx54 release notes.
It works fine here, 55.0a1 (2017-03-06) (64-bit).
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