Don't get the language from the IP address - instead the language from the browser settings should be used



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I live in Austria, but don't care the least about German translation, in fact it annoys the hell out of me to get translations instead of the original language.

A project about like MDN should respect web standards and don't use weird tricks to do stuff nobody needs.

So please again - respect the language settings made by the user in the browser.

My language settings in the browser (Chrome) are

- English (United States)
- English
- German


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10 months ago
How do you open MDN page?
(like, searched particular word on Google or some search engine, or entered particular URL on location bar, or something)
The URL you posted contains "/de/", that URL should show German translation.

Can you provide the detailed situation that you expect to navigate to English page but MDN returns German page?
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10 months ago
Seems that's Googles fault. 
The language settings at were reverted to German and I didn't recognize it.

When I change the "Settings > Languages" to "English" I get the MDN URL with `en` in it.

I would still find it better if it wouldn't depend on external settings and just read the language headers the browser provides, but I can live with the current situation.

Thanks a lot for for looking into this issue.


10 months ago
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MDN uses the browser preference when you navigate to the page without a locale, like:

For me, English is the preferred language, so I end up on:

MDN does not use an IP-based lookup for language.

Google indexed the German variant, and decided to show you that link. If the URL says "Give me the German version", then MDN displays the German translation.

You may want to tell Google that you prefer a different language.  Here's a guide:

 You may want
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