provider for google calendar does not synchronise recent events



Provider: GData
9 months ago
5 months ago


(Reporter: tim.rittman, Unassigned)


Lightning 4.7.6




9 months ago
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Steps to reproduce:

Install lightning and provider for google calendar. Add a google calendar with approx 4000 entries.

Actual results:

Google calendar synchronises 200 events and stops, in my case in December 2015

Expected results:

All events would be shown in lightning.

Comment 1

9 months ago
Which version of Lightning and the Google provider are you using? Are there any related messages in the error console? It is known that the initial sync of a google calendar takes quite long for large calendars, so are you sure it stopped syncing or just stopped downloading to store locally?
Component: Untriaged → Provider: GData
Product: Thunderbird → Calendar
Version: 45 Branch → Lightning 4.7.6

Comment 2

9 months ago
Thanks for getting back to me.

Lightning 4.7.4. Provider for Google Calendar 3.1. 

Watching the activity console, it progresses well until (variably) 995-999 of 1000 and then stops. I've waited hours with no progress. Starting a new synchronisation starts a new activity of the same calendar and stop in the same way. So I'm confident it's not just slow.

The error console reports:
Timestamp: 15/01/17 09:30:51
Error: [calCachedCalendar] replay action failed: null, uri=googleapi://, result=item.recurrenceInfo is null, op=[xpconnect wrapped calIOperation]
Source File: file:///home/tim/.thunderbird/6hm80upz.default/extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/calendar-js/calCachedCalendar.js
Line: 327

Let me know if there's anything more that might help.

Comment 3

9 months ago
Just to clarify, between submitting the bug and posting above I removed lightning, Google provider, reinstalled and reloaded the calendar. There is a mistake in my initial submission - it should have been 2000 not 200.

Now it progresses to just less than 1000 evens and stops.
Is this still an issue with the Provider for Google Calendar 3.3? If so, can you enable calendar.debug.log and calendar.debug.log.verbose in the config editor and then check further messages? I believe I've fixed an issue with item.recurrenceInfo being null.
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Comment 5

5 months ago
This is still ongoing for me.

User Agent 	Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Thunderbird/52.1.1
Provider for Google Calander 3.3
Windows 10 Pro, 1703, 15063.332 (All updates done)

When both Lightning and PFGC are enabled, Thunderbird becomes unusable and crashes. By disabling the PFGC, Lighting and Thunderbird work as expected.

I have up and downgraded all the different add-ons as well as Thunderbird itself - no change.
I have un-synced all calendars - no change.
All will "work" correctly if the PC does NOT have an Internet connection.

I have come to the conclusion that it is the actual addon that is faulty? 

Please help?!

Comment 6

5 months ago
Sorry for the slow reply. Still having problems with this, so I'm afraid it's not fixed yet. The crash report is here:

I've switched on the debug logging as suggested above. Is there an additional error log somewhere that would be useful?


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Comment 7

5 months ago
Hi All - So I found a resolution to the bug I was experiencing.

Through trial and error, I realised that one of the Google Calendars that I have synced was loaded on an older version of Microsoft Outlook.

One of my other users created a reoccurring event in Lightning, with no end date. It would appear that Google and Lightning "understand" how to deal with this and have no problem, however, the user using Outlook tried to sync, Outlook tries to calculate how many calendar entries this was - literally.

So when it came to syncing that particular user, there were thousands of calendar entries, which killed the script, and subsequently Thunderbird.

We changed the event to have an end date (less than 12 months), and outlook was happy, and all calendars synced again across all platforms!

Good luck guys! 
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