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Address Book: Fix wrong selection and context menu behaviour, and implement AB context menu for whitespace



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Address Book
9 months ago
9 months ago


(Reporter: Thomas D., Unassigned)



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9 months ago
+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1322032 +++

Address Book has a number of odd and useless behavious wrt selection and card context menu, violating internal and external ux-consistency. What it doesn't have is a context menu on the results pane itself (the AB whitespace). This bugs seeks to fix the wrong and useless behaviours, and to add a useful pane context menu.


1) In address book results pane, select any contact(s), e.g. the first.
For comparison, try the same in Windows Explorer to see the correct and useful behaviour.
2a) left-click outside selection.
2a) right-click outside selection
3) Try to create a new card or new list from address book whitespace which is right in front of you.
4) Deselect all contacts, then right-click outside selection, or press context menu button, or F10 (Windows alternative keyboard shortcut for context men).

Actual Result
2a) left-click outside selection should deselect, but doesn't.
2b) right-click outside selection shows the context menu of selection. This is unexpected, because selection context menus should only occur on selections.
3) From AB whitespace, no context menu to create contacts or lists.
4) Even without selection, we still offer the card context menu when right-clicking outside rows, and Write and Print commands are actually enabled, but disfunctional as there's no selection. Useless.

Expected Result:

2a) left-click outside selection must deselect. This is useful, important, and totally standard method to get rid of selection, as seen in Windows Explorer.
2b) right-click outside selection mustn't show the context menu of selection, but the context menu of the underlying item instead. In Windows explorer, you get the folder context menu on folder whitespace where you can use NEW to create new files in-place.
3) Allow user to easily create new contacts and lists from AB whitespace, by offering a pane context menu on Ab results whitespace.
4) Without selection, obviously we can't show the context menu for selections. Instead, the pane context menu should be shown with useful AB commands like New Contact, New List.

While we are here, we might also want to fix the same problem in the *directory pane* of main Address Book, and offer commands like "New AB", "New LDAP Dir" on the dir pane context menu.

Comment 1

9 months ago
Obviously, having an XML or XUL-based general implementation solution both for the wrong selection behviour and the missing whitespace context menu or rows-only context menu would be great.
There are more trees out there where this comes out wrong, e.g. all the message list trees.
No longer depends on: 196135, 1319409
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