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I think it would be a better experience when the height of the textarea of "add comment" would be resized automatically. I think it is a bad experience when we type a long comment and we have to scroll the little textarea to check it.

And the height of "preview" should be "auto", too. It makes the comment editor can preview his/her entire comment quickly.
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github pull request

I created a patch to make the comment textarea be resized automatically.
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I'm going to +1 this, I frequently find the textarea to be too small when I'm editing anything but a very short comment. I think we might want to set some kind of upper limit on its size (I also commented to this effect on the PR)
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Add a max height and I think this is a useful change.
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I updated the patch with setting 80% height of the viewport as the max height.


10 months ago
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For every character I add or remove the height of the comment box grows!
Here is a short video of what I saw:
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PR using autosizer library

This finally annoyed me enough that I created an updated PR using the autosizer library. :)
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PR using autosizer library

r-, per github comments:

Is there a way of making it readjust the size when the textarea changes? Currently if you reply to a long comment the box will not resize until you type stuff.

If that can't be fixed, let me know and I'll approve as is.
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PR using autosizer library

PR updated
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