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Upgrade kinto libraries (support of Retry-After headers)


(Toolkit :: Blocklist Policy Requests, defect)

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Currently, if the server fails to process the request, the client will throw and give up. 

With kinto.js v7.0.0 and kinto-http.js v2.7.0, if server provides the `Retry-After` header, the client will wait and retry (once by default).
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Bug 1331604 - Minor style and idiom changes ()
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Bug 1331604 - Upgrade kinto libraries ()

Looks fine to me. This is a huge jump, from kinto-http.js 2.0.0 to 2.6.0, and a lot of changes are due to the added support for the attachment plugin. Note that I don't have L3 access, so my review isn't sufficient to autoland this.
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I had to r+ this in MozReview to work around Autoland not seeing it as being ready to land. That said, Autoland couldn't rebase this for pushing, so you'll need to update the patch and re-request checkin.
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Ryan, I'm sorry for the trouble :/ 
I rebased and fixed, it should be all good now.
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Upgrade kinto libraries (r=glasserc,RyanVM)
Minor style and idiom changes (r=mgoodwin)
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