Thunderbird sluggish. Moderately high memory ~600MB



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TB memory-report-wednesday.json.gz

Thunderbird UI slightly sluggish, like ~50% have a half sec delay on clicking menu items more messages.  CPU usage is not high, and no other apps have high CPU or memory usage (and 4GB free on 20GB machine).

Haven't tried to reproduce

Attempted to get memory snapshot with Firefox debugger but failed. Bug 1332107 "Save" fails in Firefox developer tools memory snapshot

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a year ago
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Screen shot of remote memory snapshot against thunderbird

I also have a remote performance profile, but it is 4MB too big to upload :(

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a year ago
Two days ago I observed 54.0a1 20170225030215 at just under 2GB. Gradually increasing. I don't recall how long it had been up - perhaps a day or two.

The next time I resumed laptop from sleep thunderbird crashed. 
   nsImapProtocol::SetupWithUrlCallback bp-52fd9375-3265-4ae8-aae6-da0292170301
Blocks: 1330872

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a year ago
I've now gone back to early Jan and early Dec builds and experience similar increase of memory over time. ~1GB and more after 24 hours.
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