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[Windows 10] Discovered a Possible Cortana Forced-Edge Workaround


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Steps to reproduce:

I know that this isn't a bug but I THINK I found a possible workaround with Microsoft's Cortana search since the recent Windows 10 updates that made it impossible to have Cortana open other browsers other than Edge. I was doing some digging around and found two programs/add-ons: SearchWithMyBrowser (this is the program you download from Github) and Bing-Google (This is a Firefox add-on, it ONLY works with Google).

I performed the following steps to install the two programs:

   -Go to the link and download the repository as a ZIP
   -Extract all of the  contents of the folder, then you will have a folder within it called SearchWithMyBrowser-master
   -Open the folder and run the make.cmd file (two files: SearchWithMyBrowser.exe abd SearchWithMyBrowser.pdb will have appeared)
   -Run the install.cmd file, a command prompt will open and ask you to move the SearchWithMyBrowser.exe to a permanent location of your choice
   -Then paste the path to its new location into the command prompt, including the file itself, e.g. “C:\Users\myprofile\Downloads\SearchWithMyBrowser.exe”
   -Then hit Enter, followed by any key to proceed
   -Next, Windows will ask you 'How do you want to open this?', choose SearchWithMyBrowser.exe and click OK
   -Then reboot the computer
   -The next time you use Cortana to search the web, she will ask you again which app to use, make the same selection as described above and check Always use this app
   -Cortana will now (or should) begin to use your default instead of Edge

   -PLEASE ensure that you have successfully installed SearchWithMyBrowser before installing the addon
   -Go to the link and install the plugin like you would any firefox addon
   -Test the plugin by searching something with Cortana, and Firefox should automatically redirect to Google

The links to these programs are below
SearchWithMyBrowser Link:
Bing-Google Link:

Actual results:

I tried this on both of my computers and they are doing as they were described to do. I have the latest versions of Windows on both my computers. When I found this, I thought that I should at least say something about it to the Firefox developers.
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