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Combine AddExternalImageId and AddExternalImageIdForCompositable (or just remove AddExternalImageId)


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In his review of my merge fixup patch ( Matt said (about AddExternalImageId and AddExternalImageIdForCompositable):

It's not really obvious that the first version of this function is for a Compositable that exists on the image bridge, and the latter is for a compositable on the current bridge.

The implementations are almost identical too, except for the object that we do the lookup on.

How about combine them into a single message, with a flag that specifies which bridge to do the lookup on?

I agree with this comment, the implementations are basically the same and we can combine them. Also on the child send SendAddExternalImageId is called from WebRenderBridgeChild::AllocExternalImageId, and the only call site for that function is commented out - so in effect AddExternalImageId is never even used. We can just remove it entirely if we have no plans to use it again.
We need async video update rendering path. It is disabled now. I created Bug 1332561.
With Bug 1332561, this bug becomes invalid.
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