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Last test seen not part of gtest timeout message


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As seen in bug 1115253, when a gtest times out, the currently running test ("last test seen") is not reported, so all timeouts are reported with the same message and end up in the same bug. It would be easier to deal with specific issues in specific bugs based on a more precise error message:

TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | <last test seen> | timed out after 1200 seconds
The gtest Python harness doesn't do much here, it currently just sends the output from the C++ binary to stdout:

and then uses unstructured logging to log things like the timeout failure:

The formatter for the results of the C++ tests lives here:

Other harnesses look at structured log messages nowadays for the last-run-test. We could just scrape the TEST-START messages as a simple hack, and maybe make the C++ harness output structured logs at some point in the future.
: Ted Mielczarek, :Geoff Brown

Do you guys have any update on this issue? Because it is blocking Bug 1115253.
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I think that resolving this bug is a good idea, but I don't have time for it and I'm not sure who else might be able to look at it. While this bug would help diagnose bug 1115253, it doesn't really block it.
No longer blocks: 1115253
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See Also: → 1115253
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I do not.
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