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Don't show prompts for webextension updates that were previously rejected


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Follow-up from bug 1317470, with the patches there we show a permissions prompt every time we do an update check and there is a new version that requires new permissions.  But if the users rejects an update, we should not prompt them again until there is a new version.
This isn't straightforward since we don't have an obvious place to store the information about versions that the user has rejected (a few options none of which I liked are revving the schema for extensions.json to include the new information or using a preference).
I think we could solve another problem at the same time: we currently download updates extensions fresh in each browser session (since they are stored in a temporary directory until they are installed).  If we create a new subdirectory of extensions/ in the profile (like the staging/ directory) for not-yet-accepted updates, then we can store information about rejected updates there to avoid prompting for them.
But this is not a small task, opening a separate bug to track the work.
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