Messages to mozilla newsgroups not being mirrored to google groups



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9 months ago
9 months ago


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Twice in the last month I've noticed emails/messages not being mirrored to google groups, though they do go to the other recipients.

* The first was one I sent on January 4th to The title was "Some recent Treeherder improvements".
* The second was one sent by Dave Hunt on January 19 to The title was "Building a dashboard for test outcomes"

Needinfo'ing :daveio, who seemed to be involved in a similar bug a week or so back (bug 1328960)
Flags: needinfo?(dwilliams)
I think you'll need :limed for this as they handled the earlier bug.
Flags: needinfo?(dwilliams) → needinfo?(limed)

Comment 2

9 months ago
Can you please provide me with mail headers of the missing email
Flags: needinfo?(limed)
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