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When surfing in private mode call/SMS popups should be blocked


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Steps to reproduce:

When I surf the web in private mode (p0rn, torrents, etc...) Firefox keeps opening popups and asking interaction with externals components such as phone calls and SMS (for example when the page uses sms:// links or similar).

Theoretically Firefox should discard those requests, since a user could inadvertently click on them compromising its anonymity. There should at least be a settings to disable this.

Actual results:

Firefox keeps showing the user Phone/SMS popups when surfing in private mode.

Expected results:

Phone/SMS popups should never be shown when surfing in private mode.
Actually we show those popups in private mode only - if I remember correctly. For this very reason: To avoid compromising the anonymity of the user without the user actively accepting to do so. This was implemented in bug 1173147. In normal apps we just open the external app directly.
See Also: → 1173147
Priority: -- → P5
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