about-sync addon stops a first sync from starting automatically




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1. Create a fresh profile and add some bookmarks to it
2. Sign in to Fx account
3. Notification pops up "Sync will start momentarily"

Expected: Sync should start after 10 seconds of FxA sign-in

Actual: Sync doesn't start automatically 

Note: When I close and reopen the browser sync starts momentarily. I have observed this issue several times.
Can you get us logs from when this happens? (my comment in bug 1332751 should explain how to turn those on)
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I could reproduce this again. Logs is not getting created until sync start, after restarting the browser sync starts automatically. Attaches is zip file of successful sync.
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Thanks! The logs show that's true :( But they also appear to show the "about sync" addon running at the same time. There's a chance that the addon is actually to blame here - I'm out of time today - would it be possible for you to disable that addon, restart, then see if you can repro?
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Hello Mark, you are right. This issue is only reproducible with "About Sync" addon. I tested this multiple times with different profiles and Fx accounts and I didn't encounter this bug with disabled addon or w/o addon.

Changing the component to Firefox:Extension compatibility as this bug happens due to addon.
Component: Sync → Extension Compatibility
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Thanks! I think this will end up being closed as it's a bug in the addon rather than in Firefox, but in the meantime I've made the summary more accurate.
Summary: Sync doesn't start automatically → about-sync addon stops a first sync from starting automatically
Mass-closing old Extension Compatibility bugs that relate to legacy add-ons or NPAPI plug-ins. If you think this bug is still valid, please reopen or comment.

Sorry for the bug spam, and happy Friday!
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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