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[Mac] Investigate using for in-browser sandbox violation reporting


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I stumbled onto the code in nsSandboxViolationSink.{mm,h} for logging sandbox violations from Firefox itself. The code there is intended to pick up sandbox violation notifications from a system message log, but I couldn't get it to work on 10.12. (Have not tested older OS X versions.)  It requires setting security.sandbox.mac.track.violations=true and non-debug Nightly or Aurora:

  #if !defined(RELEASE_OR_BETA) || defined(DEBUG)
    if (Preferences::GetBool("security.sandbox.mac.track.violations", false)) {

It could be that the queue name "*" doesn't work with current OS X versions. More debugging needed.

This might allow us to log our own sandbox violations when the logging flag is turned on in a more visible way compared to the OS X console app.

If it doesn't work anymore, we should remove the code.
See Also: → 1306239
Correction: it requires setting security.sandbox.mac.track.violations=true and a debug build or Nightly or Aurora
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