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[feature] Click on menu items disappears submenu


(Core :: XUL, defect, P2)






(Reporter: cpratt, Assigned: mikepinkerton)



(Keywords: platform-parity, regression, Whiteboard: 2 days TFD 4/14)

Build ID: 1999090808
Platform: RH Linux 6 (not seen in Win32 using 07-Sep-99 build)

To reproduce:
- Launch apprunner
- Click on Bookmarks to drop down that menu.
- Click on Search.
- Click once on Search every few seconds.

Result: You get into a rhythm in which every other mouse click will disappear
the Search submenu. That is, the mouse clicks act as an on/off switch for the

Expected result: The submenu should always be displayed. Subsequent clicks
on the same submenu header should not visually do anything at all.
Assignee: trudelle → saari
reassigning to saari, cc pavlov
Target Milestone: M11
Assignee: saari → pavlov
Pav, I'm tossing this at you in the hopes that you can deal with it before I can
mass-moving most m11 bugs to m12
I can't repro this on Win and I don't think I can on Linux either.  The
behaviour I get is that the menu totally disappears when I click the Search, and
that is bug #15526, which you've seen.  Probably related problems.
No, can't repro on Linux.  I'm running Debian Potato.  This is build 1999112208.

I see bug #15526 behaviour instead, but not the click-thru part.  When clicking
thru on Linux, what's underneath is NOT clicked, but I do notice it doesn't get
mouseover, but that's another bug.
Mass-moving non-PDT+ bugs to M13
Target Milestone: M13 → M14
I don't think is

The correct behavior (like Motif 2.x and Windows, OS/2) should be:
  click item -> submenu appears
  click item again -> submenu disappears

Unlike windows, it should work for secondary submenus too.

This bug is related to #16876
The problem is you can either have popup on mouseover or toggle, but not both,
or else you get a race condition where a mouseover followed by a click may or
may not leave up the submenu.  Under Windows for example, base menus have no
mouseover but have a toggle, whereas submenus have mouseover but no toggle.  Is
suggest this is the best for the user, even if it is inconsistent.
Keywords: pp
Putting on beta1 radar.
Keywords: beta1
If I click on the 'Search' menu item with mouse, the whole 'Bookmarks' menu is 
dismissed. I do not see the submenu going on/off. Used M13(2000012520) and 
M14(2000012609) builds on Linux.
this is not limited to linux --i see this on all three platforms. updated
summary/platform info. tested with the following M13 comm bits:

mac 2000-01-26-03
linux 2000-01-25-20
win 2000-01-25-20
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: PC → All
Summary: [PP] Linux - Click on menu items disappears submenu → [4.xP] Click on menu items disappears submenu
Putting on PDT+ radar for beta1.
Whiteboard: [PDT+]
If you're going to make this xp, you'll want to dupe bug #15526 as this
previously covered this on windows (except the click passes through the menus
when they dismiss).

I'm not sure this as it stood in the original report was a dupe of that, but the
latest descriptions are of bug #15526 behaviour.
Setting the keyword all open [4.xp] bugs to 4xp.
Keywords: 4xp
pink *loves* menu bugs
Assignee: pavlov → pinkerton
this the the behavior i see:

macOS: clicking the parent closes the entire menu (parent + hierarchical).
winNT: clicking the parent does nothing no matter how many times you click.
linux (gtk): selects the first item of the submenu. submenu remains open no 
matter how many times you click.

So regardless, the popup should not toggle as no platform i see does that. cc'ing 
This bug was erroneously tagged beta1, removing that and the PDT+ designation, 
and moving to m15
Since these are XP menus, we may leave some PP, and therefore some 4xp, 
differences unresolved. In such cases, we should probably default to Windows-like 
behavior, since it is the largest userbase, and since even Mac menus are 
gravitating towards Windows behavior over time.
Keywords: beta1
Whiteboard: [PDT+]
Target Milestone: M14 → M15
My build 2000020214 still dismisses submenus on GTK.
bulk accept
Summary: [4.xP] Click on menu items disappears submenu → Click on menu items disappears submenu
hyatt and i looked at this one tonight and it's pretty hairy. Essentially, the 
menu rollup listener impl for each platform only knows about the current widget. 
Any clicks outside that widget will cause the entire chain to disappear and the 
system to be reset to nothing active. This is also the cause of why when you 
click in the menu header of a menu that is visible (in the menubar), it will 
deselect and the rollover feedback on the menu header will go away.

What we need to do here is have a stack of widgets that the rollup listener can 
check against (not just a single, current, widget) to see if the click is outside 
of all of them.

This is so M15, at least.
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Priority: P3 → P2
Summary: Click on menu items disappears submenu → [feature] Click on menu items disappears submenu
Whiteboard: 2 days
Both mac and windows behavior make sense.

I'd like automatic menu mouse tracking without mouse press to be optional,
because it is very annoying sometimes...

When it is on, windows behavior makes most sense. (no dismiss of any menus on

When it is off, mac behavior makes sense. Click to activate submenu, click to
dismiss it.

The toggling behavior was also present on Motif 2.x

In any case, dismissing the menu and any parent menus is not desired.
The important thing to me is not whether the second click on the same menu item
toggles visibility of that submenu (though I'd rather it didn't), but that a
click on a different item bring up its submenu (right away, no delay) rather
than making the whole menu hierarchy disappear.  Then I can tune the submenu
delay long (well, if Pav lets me make it prefable -- right now it's hardwired in
nsLookAndFeel.cpp) to get Motif-style behavior.
It is designed to do that already.  This bug is just making the whole menu close 
up early so that you never see that. :)
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Adding myself to CC list
akkana: I agree :) (delay=3600sec :)

(It would be nice if the click toggles though).
The personal submenu delay tuning is in ... add a line like
user_pref("ui.submenuDelay", 3600000);
to your prefs.js or user.js.  So once this bug is fixed, everything should work.
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back to m16, won't get to this by m15.
Target Milestone: M15 → M16
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Whiteboard: 2 days → 2 days TFD 4/14
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What builds will this start appearing in? I still notice the problem in build 
2000041406 for Win32
really marking fixed.
Closed: 24 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

This worked on yesterday's 20000416xx build(s), but the same problem is back
with 2000041705: click on submenu item dismisses the entire parent menu.

Keywords: regression
Resolution: FIXED → ---
hmm.  nevermind, that was odd....when I downloaded the nightly build, all the
changes from the previous (couple of?) builds had been gone, though the Build ID
denoted that it was, in fact, the latest nightly.  In reality, it really seemed
to be from like a week ago.  Very strange...good thing I didnt go around and
reopen like 20 bugs :)

Marking fixed...
Closed: 24 years ago24 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Interesting -- I saw the same thing with a 4/14 build a friend downloaded off (it had the right timestamp but lacked several fixes that should
have been in 4/14).
sounds like the wrong build got posted or somethin...
The reason is some of the nightly builds are M15 builds and some of the nightly
builds are M16 builds as a feature freeze is on for M15 all new feature work
goes into the M16 tree.

However it's impossible to see from the /pub/mozilla/nightly/latest/ directory
whether you've got a M15 or a M16 build (unless you're using a Mac build where
the milestone is contained in the filename).

You can see if you've got a M15 or an M16 build by going to and see if your build ID has an M15
or and M16 after it (perhaps this information should be added after the build ID
displayed on Mozilla?).

It's likely the M15 builds won't have this fix but the M16 ones will.
Hmm remove the latest part from that URL to see the individual directories where
the nightly builds are, it should have read:
You can see if you've got a M15 or an M16 build by going to and see if your build ID has an M15
or and M16 after it....
verif fixed on winNT and linux, using opt comm bits 2000.04.21.09 (m16). not
really an issue on mac (since the main menu is native and behaved that way in
4.x anyhow).
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