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Create helper method to call ICU string functions


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To avoid repeating the same char-buffer handling everywhere.
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Do you think lambdas are a good choice for this task?
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This feels a little harder to read to me, in that there's magic goo between, say, PartitionNumberFormat and the unum_formatDoubleForFields that it really wants to perform.  Reading each example, I have trouble remembering the exact sense of the parameters, when I'm not seeing in context how/when the lambda-body will be evaluated.

At the same time, the buffer-sizing logic is ubiquitous enough, and easy enough to miscopy or incorrectly modify, that probably we don't have much choice about doing something like this.  And I don't really see an alternative to lambdas that's any better.

So at the end of the day, this looks okay.  Just one criticism: having watched shu put lambdas to good use in the frontend, I think I now prefer that lambdas never have capture-defaults, but rather they should explicitly capture exactly the enclosing identifiers they use.  Please convert all the |[&]| to |&foo| when |foo| is some large object or an object with constructor/destructor or an object whose value changes, or plain |foo| when the object is simply copied and not modified during the lambda's lifetime.
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I've updated the patch to use explicit capture lists, but then multiple call sites exceeded the 99 chars maximum and wrapping the calls into multiple lines didn't look that clean from a aesthetic POV. To avoid this formatting issue I renamed |CallICUFunction| to just |Call|. Apart from that change, the patch is identical to the previous one.
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Create helper method to call ICU string conversion methods. r=Waldo
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