some tp5o talos tests either not running in e10s mode or not setting e10s property

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It looks like around Dec 1st, we stopped reporting talos e10s memory scores seperately from the main scores. You can see the e10s series disappearing (and the non-e10s version of the same test) going bimodal here:,2fb451a876e0332a94d719611e0e27631cdd5620,1,1%5D&series=%5Bmozilla-inbound,600ab158ecfcae0f4c8bd031d1d8bf5eb440b34e,1,1%5D

I'm not seeing anything in the commits around that time that would cause this to happen:

This event generated an alert which we marked as "wontfix" with no bug annotation or anything:

I only noticed this because bdahl pointed out the weirdness on irc:

jmaher, do you have any clue what happened here?
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I see all of the counters are showing this behaviour, it is as if we are recording proper tp5 counters, but when running in e10s, we post the data for the counters (not the test) as non-e10s :(

Looking at the commit range, this seemed to happen abruptly, and the perfherder_data blob appears the same for the old working ones vs the new failing ones.

per irc conversation, bug 1318474 seems to be what changed in perfherder- the solution is to either revert that change in perfherder, or adjust talos to meet the more updated futuristic data model.
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we should add the extraOptions field to all tests/counters/data, not just a field in the header.  This would be a change in talos, in this general area:
I'll take this, per jmaher's request
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(In reply to William Lachance (:wlach) from comment #4)

Try run worked out nicely, publishing review request.

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11 months ago
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Bug 1333860 - Fix setting e10s property on counter subtests

thanks for fixing this!
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Fix setting e10s property on counter subtests r=jmaher

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