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Convert PContentBridge to use endpoints


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Right now it contains:
  bridges PContent, PContent;

This should be replaced with the usage of endpoints.
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try run:

I'm not sure if we have any tests for this. If we do, hopefully try will run them. I mostly followed what my plugin changes did, so hopefully it is okay.
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I may have a simpler way to do this, so I'm cancelling review for now.
Rather than sending a separate message back to the child with the endpoint, this returns the endpoint back with the initial sync call. A nice side effect is that this allows me to get rid of the odd ContentChild::mLastBridge field which was used to pass back a value in a very indirect way across the bridge call.
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Bug 1333917 - Make ContentBridge use endpoints, not bridges.

LGTM. This is not activly tested. To test you can run mochitest with --nested_oop switch locally (hopefully it still works). Project Mortar is using this so soon or later will know if it breaks anything.

::: dom/ipc/ContentParent.cpp:1021
(Diff revision 2)
>    }
> -  if (!child->SendBridgeToChildProcess(cpId)) {
> +  Endpoint<PContentBridgeParent> endpoint;
> +  if (!child->SendBridgeToChildProcess(cpId, &endpoint)) {
>      return nullptr;
>    }

Currently we always create a bridge after creating the child process. Maybe we can combine the CreateChildProcess message and BridgeToChildProcess message so we can avoid one sync message.
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Make ContentBridge use endpoints, not bridges. r=kanru
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