If a Github login is active when a 404 occurs, try using that Github login to log in and then open the editor



2 years ago
2 months ago


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2 years ago
Currently, if you go to a page that doesn't exist in order to start creating a new page (for example, by following a link on a landing page to a child page that's not been written yet), if you're not logged in, you get a 404 page with a sign in button.

Since clicking "Sign in" while logged into Github logs you into MDN with no further user interaction, it should be possible to look for an extant Github login and attempt to use it to sign into MDN when a 404 occurs, so that the expected behavior (opening an editor) occurs.

This would fix the following common work scenario:

1. Create a landing page for a new API, full of links to subpages that will be created later.

2. At some point, you get logged out of MDN for some reason.

3. Ready to start working on the subpages, you command-click all the links on the landing page, resulting in a bunch of 404 pages instead of edit windows for all the documents you mean to work on.

By automatically looking for that Github login, this workflow can be made to work correctly when not logged into MDN a lot of the time, if your Github login is still up and running.
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