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Steps to reproduce:

1. Log into Firefox Account for access to my Add-Ons Developer profile. (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/users/edit). Use email address and password. 
2. Arrive at my Add-Ons profile page. 
3. Under the email field a message reads "Firefox Accounts users cannot currently change their email address." The email field is disabled from editing. 

Actual results:

Email field has a message that reads "Firefox Accounts users cannot currently change their email address." I am unable to select the email field for editing the email address. 

Expected results:

I need to change my email address. The email account I am currently using will be defunct by the end of April. 

As alternative, there should be an account retrieval mechanism in the event of defunct email addresses. For example, have a secondary email address as a backup.


2 years ago
Thanks for the report.  This has been a regularly requested feature and it's something we're hoping to add in the first half of this year, although I can't make any promises about having it ready by April.

+ :andym in case we can work around this on the AMO side, by e.g. linking your AMO account with a freshly-created Firefox Account under a new email address.  I'm not sure what policies or procedures there are for that in AMO, if any.

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2 years ago
From an AMO side, if this is about access to add-ons for development, you can give other email addresses access to those add-ons. That doesn't happen for ratings and reviews though.

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2 years ago
Thanks for the follow-up.

May I suggest allowing AMO developers to add a secondary (back-up) email address to their profiles. UX should include a confirmation/activation email. Backend should include mechanism to avoid duplicate (ie, already registered) email addresses. Rather than changing how current email addresses are stored/managed per profile, this work-around provides an additional, unique, provable data-item as a fail-safe.
from meeting: This feature development is tracked here: https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-features/issues/27
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