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Consider making the exit-full-screen popup more touch-friendly


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This is a spinoff from When entering DOM fullscreen the browser shows a little popup allowing the user to exit fullscreen. There is some code that keeps the popup visible while the user is sending mousemove events to it, and then hides the popup shortly after. This behavior assumes the user has a mouse attached - which might not be the case on a Windows touch device in tablet mode for example.

In such a case the user has very little time to read the popup and click the button if they want. We might want to consider extending the timeout in such a scenario, or provide some other way for the user to keep the popup around like we do with the mousemove events.
:kats do you think Toolkit: Notifications and Alerts will be a proper component for this rather than general?
Flags: needinfo?(bugmail)
Not really, the code for this lives in browser/ rather than toolkit/ so i believe it is owned by the Firefox front-end team. I'm just not sure which Firefox component is most appropriate.
Flags: needinfo?(bugmail)
Component: General → Site Identity and Permission Panels
Not a Site Identity and Permission Panels bug, I think we can keep it in General. Not sure who can pick it up, though.
Component: Site Identity and Permission Panels → General
See Also: → 1328269
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