Open Bug 1334192 Opened 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago uses revoked certificate from StartCom


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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.10; rv:51.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/51.0
Build ID: 20170118123726

Steps to reproduce:

I tried to open

Actual results:

The following HTTPS error was shown: An error occurred during a connection to Peer’s Certificate has been revoked. Error code: SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE

Expected results:

A 404 page should be displayed over HTTPS.

I checked and the certificate does not seem to be revoked:
OS: Unspecified → Mac OS X
Hardware: Unspecified → x86
The certificate is issued by StartCom Certification Authority.
> Issuer 	StartCom Certification Authority

and also "Valid from" is after October 21, 2016.
> Valid from 	Fri, 28 Oct 2016 12:38:03 UTC

that's the reason why it's shown as revoked.

> 1. Distrust certificates with a notBefore date after October 21, 2016 which chain up to the following affected roots.
> ...
>   * This change will go into the Firefox 51 release train.
>   * The code will use the following Subject Distinguished Names to identify
>     the root certificates, so that the control will also apply to
>     cross-certificates of these roots.
> ...
>       * CN=StartCom Certification Authority, OU=Secure Digital Certificate Signing, O=StartCom Ltd., C=IL
>       * CN=StartCom Certification Authority G2, OU=null, O=StartCom Ltd., C=IL
The webmaster needs to change the certificate, like one from Let's Encrypt.
Component: Untriaged → Desktop
Product: Firefox → Tech Evangelism
Summary: A site fails with SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE but certificate is not revoked → uses revoked certificate from StartCom
Version: 51 Branch → Firefox 51
Ah, error message could really be better. Because the error message looks like it is a certificate revoked by CA, not that Firefox revoked CA. This is really confusing and hard to debug. It would be also great if when I click "Learn more" I would be directed to this blog post linked above. Then I would understand what is happening.
I'm not sure there's a lot of value in doing outreach to the site here. Since the expected result is a 404. If someone wants to try, links to:
Priority: -- → P5
Mitar, is the actual URL that you want to open?
if not, what's the actual URL?
I googled "" and I see some URLs under
not sure how they're used tho.
OK, if this was unclear. I am a webmaster of the website at I understand now what is wrong, but I think that a better error message should be really helpful.
Moving to Firefox Product as it is about UI and messaging.
Component: Desktop → General
Product: Tech Evangelism → Firefox
Version: Firefox 51 → unspecified
Panos, do you know if there's anything we can improve here with some kind of reasonable cost/benefit? I expect that custom error codes just for this are a step too far, and the current infrastructure for these pages makes it difficult to do something else. We could hack something up by detecting this specific case in about:net/certerror, I guess... Alternatively, something to keep in mind for possible future deprecations etc.
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I think keeler is in a better position to inform future deprecations. I believe the current message is fine from an end user's POV, but perhaps we could be more explicit in the web console (or in the error page advanced panel) for site authors.
Component: General → Security
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For a long time I've been wanting to develop a certificate linter in the browser that developers/website admins could use to determine what might be causing problems with their certificates. This item would be a great candidate for that. However, this project isn't on any roadmap yet, and it's not clear when it will be, if ever. That said, I imagine wosign/startcom isn't the last CA we'll have to impose restrictions on that are similar to this (see e.g.!topic/blink-dev/eUAKwjihhBs%5B1-25%5D )
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