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Steps to reproduce:

I updated to Firefox 51.0 today.   I then restarted Firefox.
I opened two tabs with known good websites.  Then I went to TOOLS and OPTIONS and under STARTUP I clicked on "Use Current Pages".   Both of the current pages showed up, separated by a pipe character.  Then I closed Firefox.

Actual results:

Restarted Firefox.  Both of the tabs I chose showed up as expected.
Then I restarted the computer.

Expected results:

When launching Firefox after a reboot, only the first tab shows up.  However, going to TOOLS and OPTIONS and under STARTUP, the correct two web pages are still there.   
And if I click on the HOME icon at the right of the screen, it WILL open both of the tabs.
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Comment 1

a year ago
Is it reproducible with your profile?

If yes, could you test with a fresh profile too?
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Comment 2

a year ago
Created a new profile and made it the current one.
Saved and closed Firefox.
rebooted computer.
Restarted Firefox.
First tab only opens.  
Closed Firefox
Reopened Firefox.
Both tabs open.   
During a session, opening and closing Firefox, the two tabs always show up EXCEPT when starting Firefox after a shut down or restart.

Comment 3

a year ago
Is it a new behavior from FF51? Or did you observe it with older versions of Firefox?

Comment 4

a year ago
I checked two other computers in our library yesterday.  Both had FF 50.  Both did the same thing.  
But 8 other computers with FF50 were working properly.  All of the computers are running Windows 7.
A real "head scratcher."
As I mentioned, the only time the second tab does not appear is after a reboot.  Otherwise, every time we open FF, it shows the two tabs just fine.
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Comment 5

a year ago
Does it happen if you close the Windows session (instead of rebooting which is "boring" for testing fastly) by changing the screen resolution (like 100 to 125%)?

Comment 6

a year ago
01/31/17 I tried changing screen resolution.  That didn't have any affect.  Once logged on, after the first attempt to run Firefox, both tabs show.
When I logged off and back on and retried Firefox, only 1 tab was active.  BUT when I clicked on the HOME icon on the top right of the screen, BOTH tabs showed up.

Comment 7

a year ago
Tue, Jan 31, 2017 17:43
I solved the puzzle!

Thanks to your hint about logging off and logging on, I noticed that Firefox was included in my STARTUP folder. And instead of a generic startup, it was set to open one specific page!  
I replaced that with the normal Firefox icon and, viola, it now works perfectly.

Thanks for your persistence helping me resolve this "bug" - another "user error"....
Rick Black
Medford Oregon.
Last Resolved: a year ago
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Comment 8

a year ago
Great! And yeah, PEBKAC errors are frequent. ^^
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Comment 9

a year ago
What is a PEBKAC error ???

Comment 10

a year ago
Jargon for user error.

Comment 11

a year ago
I've worked with computer for 50 years - never heard that one.  Really obtuse.
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