Download Progress bar isn't correctly update when download is paused, "for all cases"




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When a paused download is resumed and paused before the download resumes, the progress bar isn't displayed correctly.

Note : Quick actions required form step 3, if your connection is fast and reliable

Steps to reproduce :
1. Download the "Very large" file from the website at [a]
2. Pause the download
3. Resume it and try to pause the download immediately before it resumes

Expected results: 
Progress bar for paused download is show

Actual results:
A grey version of the progress bar shown before a download resumes is shown. (see screen shot)

[a] :

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a year ago
I wasn't able to reproduce this manually when I tried, but based on the nature of the bug, it's probably reproducible by placing breakpoints in the code that handles the paused downloads.

While I don't have the time to look into this now, it seems to me we should never show the undetermined progress bar when a download is paused, in particular because it is animated.

Note that it may not be easy to show the same progress that we had before the download was restarted, because we lose the internal state for a moment. Even if we cannot do that, we can still show an empty progress bar though.
Priority: -- → P3
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