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Add a telemetry probe for the number of clicks on the triangle history menu


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Count the number of times the triangle button that opens the location bar history menu was clicked. I think it would fit best as a keyed scalar: browser.engagement.navigation.urlbar.history_menu
The existing "browser.engagement.navigation.urlbar" counts how many page loads were triggered from a specific UI source.
This sounds like you just want to count the interaction with a menu item, so it's best to add a separately named scalar.

If this is just about counting interaction with the triangle, a plain `uint` scalar would be sufficient.
Digging around, I agree with Georg - this should be a separately named scalar. I can't think of a need for a keyed one at this time.
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Priority: -- → P2
I know we need data peer review, I'll get that requested after I get initial feedback/review.
Overall the approach of making a new binding looks good, but I would think we'd want to instrument showHistoryPopup, not the mousedown which then ends up calling showHistoryPopup.  You can open the history popup by removing all the text in the urlbar and then pressing the down arrow key for example.  There might be other ways to open it too, I don't remember off-hand.

I know comment 0 and the bug summary specifically say "clicked," but I'd like to make sure that's what we really want.  If it is, then this patch is fine I think.

One other unrelated comment is that IMO it would be cleaner if you made toggleHistoryPopup return a bool instead of your adding the new isHistoryPopupClosed method.  Just a suggestion, and if you disagree that's fine.
Javaun, do we really want to measure clicks on the triangle button, or do we want to measure the number of times the history popup is opened?  It's possible to open it in at least one other way than by clicking the triangle button.  See comment 5 for more info.
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ADW, good question. I didn't realize there was more than one way to open it. You're right, ultimately we want to know how often people use this UI, and secondarily how they do it. I'll NI Dave Zeber to chime in with ways we might be able to count this. We should constrain this if there's a lot more effort. Most of the other Awesome Bar probes are higher value (i.e. characters entered, result position, etc.)
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It's no more effort at all to measure when the popup is opened as opposed to when the triangle button is clicked.  It would be slightly more effort to in addition measure how the popup was opened (the triangle button was clicked, or the textbox was empty and the user pressed the down arrow key), but no big deal I think, knock on wood.
I agree that we want to count all openings of the history dropdown. I think the best thing would be to have counts keyed by the method used to open it, perhaps as a categorical histogram.

However, we can discuss how much effort this requires, bearing in mind that this is lower priority that many of the other measures listed in bug 1334599.
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Bug 1334634 - Add a telemetry probe for the number of clicks on the triangle history menu button.

Clearing the r? for now then.
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Considered one of the changes in the new design is the removal of this dropmarker, this bug doesn't seem useful anymore

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