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Canceling the account creation creates new account instead of canceling it


(Thunderbird :: Account Manager, defect)

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I found this while testing TB 52beta, but it is still present in trunk. If you cancel the "Advanced config", TB creates a new account, but should just close the dialog.

Steps to reproduce:
- In a new TB profile do the following:
- Create a new email account and choose "Skip this and use my existing email".
- Type in name, address and password and click "Continue".
- Regardless if ISP autoconfig worked or not, choose "Manual config".
- Than choose "Advanced config".
- Cancel the opened dialog.

Actual result:
A new email account will be created with the settings from ISP autoconfig.

I would expect "Cancel" only closes the "Advanced config", so you can continue in "Manual config". Same like "Cancel" only close the "Manual config" dialog.
I think this is quite complicated as we need an account object already created before entering the account manager for the "advanced config" feature.

We could destroy this object when leaving with "cancel" clicked, but the account could already have created stuff on disk. So we would need to simulate all the account removal tasks (as if Remove account was clicked), or just call that removal dialog but do not let the user interfere with it.
It would still leave some remnants of the account (like increased mail.account.lastKey pref value).

Are we sure semantically the user really wants to cancel the account creation when at this late step?
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(In reply to :aceman from comment #1)
> Are we sure semantically the user really wants to cancel the account
> creation when at this late step?

No, not the account creation, just close this "Advanced config" window, so you are back in "Manual config" and you can continue from there. If a user is clicking on "Cancel" he wants to cancel something and expect this is happening. If the user wants to create an account he will click "OK".
To open the account manager window, the server type had to be fixed in the account (POP3, IMAP, etc.). Coming back to the manual config we would have to disable the type picking widgets and maybe others. Also the account wizard surely expects the account is not yet created.
I think the "Advanced config" is misleading as this isn't needed to create a new account and it's position looks more like there are advanced options for the connectivity to the servers. But it is used for account fine tuning after creation.

The button should be moved aside of the "Create" button or maybe better after clicking "Create" a dialog should ask if the user wants to go to the Advanced settings.
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