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Steps to reproduce:

Open any website page with session (login). I tried mostly
switch to other apps,( I use 7 to 10 apps)  and open the firefox after some time 10 minute to 30 minute time frame.
I've lenovo K4 Note, I'm in latest firefox.

Actual results:

the tab appear blank, reload the same page and it happen to lose my session, I have to re login to work.

Expected results:

It should have showed my page, maintain session, no need to reload.
I tried same thing with chrome and it work every time, ie I maintain the session, retain page, no reload.
(In reply to rainbow99984 from comment #0)
> retain page, no reload.

We're presumably being killed by the OS while in background, so there's not much we can do here immediately. Bug 1291424 has reduced our memory usage after startup quite noticeably, so upgrading to Firefox 51 might help a little there and hopefully make us a bit less likely to get killed while in background.

Chrome does seem to use a little less memory than us, though and also splits itself across multiple processes which might or might not make it a less likely target for the low memory killer, but those would probably rather be long-term projects. Others are probably more qualified to say more about this topic.

> ie I maintain the session

Yep, we're currently not maintaining session cookies if we get killed. See bug 1335052 for that.
Depends on: 1335052
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