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Use https for access to in c-c build files.


(MailNews Core :: Build Config, defect)

Not set


(thunderbird54 fixed, seamonkey2.48 affected, seamonkey2.49esr affected, seamonkey2.50 affected, seamonkey2.51 fixed)

Thunderbird 54.0
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thunderbird54 --- fixed
seamonkey2.48 --- affected
seamonkey2.49esr --- affected
seamonkey2.50 --- affected
seamonkey2.51 --- fixed


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Replace with

From a posting in

> in .planning it was announced that connections to via
> http:// are not longer accepted after 1.2.2017. It must now be https://.

I am still seeing some references in m-c code so not sure if this date is final but it won't hurt to do it now.
Setting version in debugQA so that it autoupdates.
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I am seeing some references in mail too. And one test there. Can do a patch if you want in this or another bug. Hartmut Figge reported it including the date.
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Thanks for the heads-up. Yes, can you please do a patch with r?aleth in this bug as long as you change the description to:
  Use https for access to in C-C build files.
I know very little about this.
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Summary: Use https for access to in SeaMonkey build files. → Use https for access to in c-c build files.
Product: SeaMonkey → MailNews Core
All I found in im, mail and mailnews. Mostly comments and I am not sure the IM variables are still in use. If it really will be effective Feburary 1 it would need an uplift but I didn't see anything about it yet.
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r=me a=me
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> Maybe use 40 char hashes?

hg didn't like me. Unable to get them out in time. That was the initial cvs to hg push.
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Just found the actual bug 450645

Should we uplift in advance or wait and see if the redirect works?
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