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nsPresContext::GetRootPresContext signature linked to the wrong bug


(Socorro :: General, task)

Not set


(Not tracked)


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(Depends on 1 open bug)


nsPresContext::GetRootPresContext is linked to bug 724355, but the signature has been removed from the bug four months ago.
Keywords: sec-other
You should CC Socorro people on bugs like this (which I've done just now) because they probably do not have client sec bug access. (Also this component probably does not need to have Security-Sensitive Core Bug in its permission list but that's a separate matter.)
I've filed it as security sensitive out of precaution, as the signature is related to a UAF crash, but yeah, it's probably unnecessary.
Group: core-security
Now that I've unhidden bug 724355 (incomplete) this will probably fix itself.

I've removed core-security from the options for the Socorro product. The default group is client-services-security which is fine, and webtools-security is also a choice.
It looks like the association was made while the bug was non-public, so this is another instance of Bug 1336279
Depends on: 1336279
Do you think we should remove the association when a bug becomes non-public?
This would mean duplicates would be more likely, but at least we wouldn't run into this kind of problem and it would be consistent with the bugs that are filed as non-public from the beginning.
I don't mean to suggest action, though if someone was to add and then remove the association again, now that it's public, things would sort themselves out.

I only want to roll up this kind of problem so we can appropriately prioritize a fix.
Keywords: sec-other
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