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Upgrade geckodriver in tooltool to 0.15.0


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geckodriver needs to be upgraded to 0.14.0 on tooltool.
maja_zf: You did this last time, do you mind picking this up?  Alternatively explain how to do it?
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Maybe we can start uploading builds for all platforms this time?
(In reply to Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) from comment #2)
> Maybe we can start uploading builds for all platforms this time?

I don’t think we should focus on this right now.  I’ve spoken to rillian and nfroyd who assure me it is now possible to build cargo-depending Rust code in m-c and a better use of our time would be to import the geckodriver source tree and do the legwork necessary to build it in tree.
I didn't actually take care of this for 0.13 because don't have the necessary permissions in RelengAPI. James does, so he took care of it. Instructions are here:

Options are:
(1) Ask James to do it.
(2) Ask someone in releng to do it.
(3) Ask for elevated permissions in RelengAPI so we can do it. The fewer people who have these permissions, the better, so unless we expect to be updating geckodriver often, I'd avoid this option.
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Thanks Maja.

/me conscripts jgraham to update geckodriver in tooltool.
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Will update to 0.15 once that is released.
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Summary: Upgrade geckodriver in tooltool to 0.14.0 → Upgrade geckodriver in tooltool to 0.15.0
Closed: 6 years ago
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