Non-issues are too easy to miss or ignore before autolanding



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a year ago
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a year ago
When typing comments in mozreview, there is the option to mark them as 'issues'.
The main difference is that issues are highly visible in the review board, and prevent autolanding until they have all been Dropped or Fixed.

So non-issues seem ideal to give suggestions or ask questions that have a small chance of impacting the patch.

However these non-issues are too easy to miss, especially when there are no real issues in the same patch. The patch author may see a green "r+" and just autoland the thing.
Because we've had such issues in the past, my colleagues and I are now always submitting all comments as "issues".

I'm not too sure what would be best to do about this, since it's quite possible other people are using non-issues without troubles!

Some ideas:

A. Just remove the non-issue category, every comment should be Dropped or Fixed before autolanding.

B. Use a different tint than green for r+'d patches when there are non-issues. (But that might still be too subtle.)

C. Non-issues could have a "Read" button; if trying to autoland when there are unread comments, there could be a confirmation dialog alerting the author about these, with the options to cancel or proceed with the autoland.

D. Going a bit further (possibly to far!?), introduce explicit comment categories, e.g.: Issue (must be Fixed, no option to Drop), Suggestion (can be Done or Dropped), Question (must be replied to, or explicitly Dismissed), FYI (must be Read), Comment (unimportant, can safely be ignored like the current non-issue comments).
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