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Implement helper routines for inspecting and breaking on mark bits


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Whenever I've been working with marking, it seems like I've wanted these.
I'm not sure about the best namespace. js::gc::debug? js::gc::detail? I went for something short.

The help message should perhaps mention that it's breaking on setting a mark in that case; clearing a mark would be

  cond 7 !(*$100 & $101)
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Implement helper routines for inspecting and breaking on mark bits

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Looks good, and I'm fine with the namespace.

::: js/src/gc/Heap.h
@@ +1396,5 @@
> +
> +namespace debug {
> +
> +// Utility functions meant to be called from an interactive debugger.
> +enum class MarkColor : int {

Suggestion: this has more information than just the mark color so maybe it could be called MarkInfo or something.

@@ +1415,5 @@
> +//   $101 = 0x200000000
> +//   (gdb) watch *$100
> +//   Hardware watchpoint 7: *$100
> +//   (gdb) cond 7 *$100 & $101
> +//   (gdb) cont

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This is very handy. I was able to easily figure out two different sources of excessive unmark gray calls in bug 1336811 using it.
The only reason I haven't landed it is because I'm hitting a test failure with Promises where it's accessing a dead object, and I was blaming something in the stack of patches I was trying to land along with this. It's looking like it may not have been my changes in the first place, though.
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Implement helper routines for inspecting and breaking on mark bits, r=jonco
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