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Switch Yahoo, Amazon and Yandex to use chrome icon


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Now that i've verified the concept for wikipedia in bug 1332741, I'm going to finish off our other search engines.

For Yahoo, Yandex and Amazon, where the icons are exactly the same, we should switch to using an icon in chrome instead of storing the data URL.
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Bug 1337560. Switch Yahoo and Amazon to use chrome icon.

Technically this looks good, but I don't think we should ship a 18 kB image. If that's OK, I'm happy to turn this in a r+.

It's the same icon uses, but it contains 48,32,24,16 pixel images, and we only need two of those.
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Attached image amazon.ico
I've tried to play a bit with the image. The weirdness is that the original .ico has a darker gray shade on the rounded corners that disappears when you extract PNG from it (tried with both software and online tools).

This file is 1 kB, contains only 16+32 optimized icons. Enlarged it doesn't show any difference compared to the original image, minus the corners.
I'd forgotten to check amazon icon sizes. tx
Attached image Bad amazon.ico
This is the data: url converted to an icon which is only 1219 but for some reason only works in the browser (same problem we had with wikipedia). 

On Mac, you can't view it in Preview and the OS doesn't know what to do with it either.

I don't understand how we have these broken data: URL icons...
(In reply to Mike Kaply [:mkaply] from comment #5)
> I don't understand how we have these broken data: URL icons...
I have no clue either. This URL doesn't show the darker corners, so it should be safe to use the one I've attached before.
Looks like this one fell off the radar? It should be in pretty good shape to land, just needs the fix for the icon.
Sorry about that. Done now.

I'm going to do Yandex separately because besides there being two different Yandex icons (english, russian), yandex is using two different favicons on their site.

Note, however, that there is already a yandex-en image in the build (for other purposes)
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Summary: Switch Yahoo, Amazon and Yandex to use Chrome icon → Switch Yahoo, Amazon and Yandex to use chrome icon
The bug is verified.
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