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Handle expiry of telemetry probe DECODER_DOCTOR_INFOBAR_STATS in 53


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DECODER_DOCTOR_INFOBAR_STATS expired in 53, we should either extend it, or remove/disable its code.

At the moment, beta 52 numbers are, e.g. for WMF-needed:
- Notifications shown: 247k
- Number of notifications shown at least once per unique profiles: 2k
- Number of clicks on "Learn more...": 540
- Number of unique profiles clicking on "Learn more...": 267
- Number of issues fixed: 319
This shows a limited numbers of users being affected (probably those few on Windows N, who try to play videos).
About a quarter of users wanted to know more.
And 15% installed the Windows Media Pack as suggested. The rest of them just have to suffer with the notification bar being shown hundreds of times!

It would be worth extending the telemetry probe to gauge the impact *if* we were to modify something around the notification itself, or our handling of these issues.
Maybe a "Don't show this anymore" button would be nice?

But in the end I'm guessing we won't do much about this low number of users in the near-future, so I will probably just remove the code, or just disable it if it's tidy enough.

Anthony, what do you think? Extend, Destroy, or Disable?
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My thinking is to just remove the telemetry.
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Based on some needed Decoder Doctor maintenance (bug 1336256) and new work (upcoming bug(s) to encourage reporting site issues on decode errors), I am now thinking that we should revive and extend this probe, as it will be useful to monitor the fallout from both bugs.
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Bug 1337566 - Extend DECODER_DOCTOR_INFOBAR_STATS probe until 59 -

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Extend DECODER_DOCTOR_INFOBAR_STATS probe until 59 - r=francois
François, thank you for the data review.
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