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History Dropdown Menu Needs Section Labels




7 months ago
7 months ago


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7 months ago
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Steps to reproduce:

When you have closed some tabs or windows. The history dropdown displays a list of closed tabs, closed windows, and browsing history divided into sections.

Actual results:

To someone unfamiliar with the GUI it is not clear what the content of each section is. Additionally the wording of the labels for "Restore Closed Tabs" and "Restore Closed Windows" does not clearly indicate that clicking them will restore ALL tabs or windows.

Expected results:

Adding section labels would make it much easier to determine what the content of each section is (see attached picture). Adding the word All to both menu options would make their functionality clearer eg: "Restore All Closed Tabs" "Restore All Closed Windows"

Comment 1

7 months ago
Please note I made this bug report because despite having been a user since session restore was added to Firefox I was unaware the functionality to restore closed tabs and windows existed. Today I almost lost 300+ tabs when I closed the wrong window. After installing an extension that provided the menu options to restore lost tabs & windows I came across a comment about firefox having this functionality built-in. That is when I realized thats what those sections in the history list actually were. Before I had thought they were just regular history items formatted in a strange way. I didn't even notice the list of closed windows.


7 months ago
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