Intermittent browser/base/content/test/webrtc/browser_devices_get_user_media_screen.js | recording-device-events notification unexpected - Got -1, expected 0




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See Also: → 1320994
These failures started after the fix in bug 1323880 landed.

Several of these failures were associated to bug 1324303.
Blocks: 1323880
See Also: → 1324303
:florian, can you take a look at fixing this or helping find somebody to look at this?
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(In reply to Joel Maher ( :jmaher) from comment #5)
> :florian, can you take a look at fixing this or helping find somebody to
> look at this?

I can investigate a bit. But given how often bug 1324303 occurs, and given that I don't see any progress on fixing bug 1320994, it may be time to start writing code to make the test skip the recording-device-events notification check on some platforms; so that we keep most of the coverage but stop being bothered by the intermittent behavior.
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both bug 1324303 and this one are past our 30/week threshold where we want to see a fix.  This bug fails on win8 primarily and bug 1324303 more on linux.  What help would you need in this?  These failures have been constant for 2+ weeks :(
Andreas, is there any chance of seeing progress in bug 1320994 soon, or should we write code to skip the recording-device-events notification check on Windows64 and Linux?
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I'm a bit swamped at the moment but I can prioritise it and take a look in a week or so.
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Thanks Andreas for pointing at a root cause- I understand you are busy- if we focus on the root cause, can we partially disable this in the mean time and add a comment to bug 1320994 to ensure that we backout the disabling?
The biggest problem with that is that it might never get fixed since it's not an immediate problem anymore. There are always other problems that seem immediate, and suddenly you've forgotten about it. I guess it's up to you to weigh the cost of keeping it around for another two something weeks against keeping it around for a much longer time.
when there is time to fix this we hope to see this enabled again soon!
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this will fix this for bug 1324303 as well.
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Intermittent browser/base/content/test/webrtc/browser_devices_get_user_media_screen.js. r=gbrown
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I have patches on bug 1363253 that I hope will fix this.
See Also: → 1363253
Closed: 2 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 1363253
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Removing leave-open keyword from resolved bugs, per :sylvestre.
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