scrolling doesn't work, landscape <-> portrait cuts off image



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a year ago
On, you are unable to scroll on Fennec.

In addition, if you turn the phone to landscape and back to portrait, the image is cutoff.

I've marked this as a blocker because it is a major OEM issue.

If we have fixes for the website, we might be able to get them done, but in product is better.


a year ago
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This is almost certainly a website issue. Mike leads the webcompat team.
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Kats is our scrolling expert.
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Thanks, taking a look. They're using Sencha touch, so things could get interesting.
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a year ago
I thought we were in better shape with sencha touch?

Does it depend on how old their version is?
Yeah, unclear at the moment. Still digging around.
Ext.versions reports:

Ext v 4.1.0
Touch v 2.1.0

And it looks like Sencha Touch v2.2 was the base version to support "not just webkit": (announcement link from thread seems dead tho)

There are some resources out there for "fixing" Sencha Touch apps that relied on the overflowpaint event that Blink removed, I don't know if they will be helpful:

Similar patch here:, with more discussions about orientation paint bugs.

My first guess would be that Sencha Touch relies on this (non-standard) overflowchanged event to control scrolling:, and somewhere in v2.2 they got rid of this, or provided alternate codepaths.

v2.1 is a mess... unfortunately upgrading their version of Sencha Touch is probably required. They *might* be able to attempt some of the patches mentioned in the previous blog posts, but I have no idea if the APIs were stable across releases.

Not a great situation. Sencha Touch (especially old versions) is basically a pile of non-standard "designed with iPhone in mind" hacks.
Created attachment 8835600 [details]
overflowchanged listeners
(/overflowpaint event/overflowchanged event/ in my previous comment)
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...spoofing as Android fixes both issues as reported. I'm gonna spin off a bug to ship a UA override and then we can proceed with outreach. Let's move this to Tech Evangelism as well.
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Some movement on acquiring contacts at DirecTV. The Mikes have been added to the conversation...
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Mike, this was fixed by a UA override -- still want to keep it open?
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a year ago
Do we typically keep bugs open when evangelizing?

Although in this case, they won't even see the problem to fix...

I'll leave it to you. I'm fine with closing.
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> Do we typically keep bugs open when evangelizing?

Well, until the issue has been resolved.

> Although in this case, they won't even see the problem to fix...

Yeah, that's the tradeoff of doing overrides. If there's reason to think Directtv will actually update their site, we should keep it open. Otherwise, there's not much point.

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a year ago
Marking fixed since added an override. Maybe our backchannels to directv will come through some day.
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