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Use cron.yml for taskcluster nightlies


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Bug 1338152 - Use cron.yml for taskcluster nightlies.

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> +            date: [{hour: 16}]
> +            mozilla-central: [{hour: 11}]

This will occur every 15 minutes for the hours of 16 and 11 - you will want minute=0
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Bug 1338152 - Use cron.yml for taskcluster nightlies.
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Use cron.yml for taskcluster nightlies. r=dustin
This is the m-c nightly hook, prior to the changes (I'm about to make) to utilize the cron.yml

Schedule is: 0 0 11 * * *
Attached file fennec hook
Now that cron.yml is in place, we should utilize it for taskcluster nightlies, unifying the way we trigger nightlies, and allowing the nightly decision task to also appear on treeherder!

This bug does the in-tree change.

To facilitate the ability for manual nightly triggers, we'll also modify the current hooks for Nightlies and use the `./mach taskgraph cron` command with `--force-run` to make the nightlies able to be run at any time.

The way the scopes were implemented, has the added benefit that sheriffs should be able to trigger these nightlies now as well!

I'm hoping to get this deployed on central today, with :dustin on point for any bustage over the next 2 weeks (while I'm off).
...this is actually deployed (thought I had pressed submit on c#8 earlier)
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