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mp4parse rust bindings no longer compile with cargo from Rust Nightly 2017-02-10


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Due to a Cargo patch landing that now automatically includes files regardless of commands in Cargo.toml, the for mp4parse-capi is included in the build. Since the cheddar crate wasn't vendored in, we can't find it, and get a build error.
Summary: mp4parse rust bindings no longer compile under rust 1.17 (Rust Nightly 2017-02-10) → mp4parse rust bindings no longer compile with cargo from Rust Nightly 2017-02-10
Thanks for the report! Per irc discussion, now that we've vendored syntex, I'll just go ahead and vendor cheddar and stop patching out the build-depends line, assuming that doesn't confuse anything. Fallback is to patch out, since cargo is apparently auto-detecting it now.
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This seems to be which suggests we can also patch in `build = false` in Cargo.toml. That would be a better solution if we aren't able to use the generated header.

Going forward, Ted suggested we hack (unmaintained) cheddar to use syn instead of syntex for the build-time speed advantage.
We're not currently building syntex, so keeping the header generation at import time seems better here.
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Bug 1338655 - Don't try to build mp4parse bindings.
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Don't try to build mp4parse bindings. r=froydnj
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Duplicate of this bug: 1339162
FYI, for me, it doesn't build with build=false, see bug 1340594.

Maybe the change you've landed depends on specific tool versions, and either the build should check for those versions, or somehow that file needs to be parameterized?
See Also: → 1340594
Depends on: 1340594
See Also: 1340594
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> 21af4e17cbf9f225e99c4103ac73a72311a702d1

It was backed out:
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