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Baldr: having dev console open at all causes eager wasm binary-to-text conversion


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If the dev console is open at all (not just Debugger), it seems that wasm::BinaryToText() is called eagerly from within a call to DebuggerSource_getText.  This should only happen when the user clicks on a wasm source in the debugger pane.
I've added a few printf to understand who was calling BinaryToText in this case. It's called by WasmCode::createText, which is called by DebuggerSourceGetTextMatcher::match, which is called by DebuggerSource_getText, which is a JS method `text` on the DebuggerSource object. shows a probable subset of the calls to .text; looking at a few conditionals, it seems that:
- it is assumed that .text is very cheap, if not free. That's not the case, here...
- sometimes callers want to know if there's an actual source (by comparing source.text to a placeholder value, which is fragile), which could/should be an API provided by the debugger, maybe.
Yury: do you know why this is being called?
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Looks like there is a check at

function isHiddenSource(source) {
  // Ignore the internal Function.prototype script
  return source.text === "() {\n}";

by replacing it with `source.introductionType !== "wasm" && source.text === "() {\n}";` looks like problem is going anyway.
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Given that this asks for the source of every script when the dev console is open (including for profiling) and this is a slow path in general, I was wondering if the "right" fix here is to define isHiddenSource() in a way that doesn't use source.text.  Jim?
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Or, maybe, by the same logic, we don't want to be doing any of this at all unless the debugger tab is open?
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Bug 1338914 - Optimize hidden/internal script detection for devtools.

I don't like the approach for the engine to mark things as "internal" because "internal" is a subjective thing. In this particular case, it seems like the devtools frontend only cares about blacklisting Function.prototype. Could you just make the Function.prototype's source's introductionType "Function.prototype", then filter on that?
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Bug 1338914 - Optimize hidden/internal script detection for devtools.
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Optimize hidden/internal script detection for devtools. r=shu
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