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Steps to reproduce:

This has been tested with: Firefox for Android Release 51.0.3 on Android 6.0.1

1. Browse to a website (for example, which has an embedded link to a RSS or Atom feed (for example <link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" title="W3C News" href="/blog/news/feed/atom" />).
2. In the menu: Page > Subscribe to Page

Actual results:

A dialog "Subscribe with" shows options to subscribe the feed to web based feed readers. In my case only "My Yahoo!".

Expected results:

The dialog should have at least an option to show and optionally copy the address of the actual feed to the clipboard.

Additionally (optional): The dialog should have an option to open the feed with the registered application. In the tested version, if the address of the feed is opened through the navigation bar, Firefox offers to open the feed with one of the registered applications. In my case one of them is the RSS reader app which is installed (spaRSS).

Reasoning: One might want to use a separate application to read feeds. The option to show and copy the feed's address provides a simple way to paste the address into another app. Not always a visible link to the feed is displayed on the website, but only through the <link>-HTML-element in the page's header.
Our support for feeds is indeed quite bad. Flagging the product team for considering adding this to the roadmap.
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Thanks for bringing this up, David. I understand your concern, and that's definitely something we shall fix (and we have talked about it before), however current telemetry shows that only 0.07% of our users actually ever click on the menu > subscribe page item. So this might not be something we should be urgently looking at.

Feel free to check-out our Android roadmap to see what priorities we have currently set for the product.

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