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:jet - This Android-only reftest failure is very frequent. Can you find someone to look at it?
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(In reply to Geoff Brown [:gbrown] from comment #3)
> I'll try to narrow the regression range:
> searchStr=android%20reftest&tochange=2f9d2be88b3854db220c9f1696a40140a360c9a2
> &fromchange=739f1c4bee0df80fcf014af10a6c83eaccc80211

The earliest I could find was, but the failure was so infrequent on that changeset, I would say it is unclear which changeset is responsible.
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:jet, any chance we can get some attention to this bug?  

:ni myself to follow up on Tuesday if needed.
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Maybe similar to bug 1342240, though this test doesn't seem to be the first test in the run.  Is it the first test in the run with a checked checkbox in it?
See Also: → 1342240
Seems like a decent chance this is a regression from either bug 605985 or bug 1338293.
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The test is doing "el.checked = true" in the callback.  Since the check-mark is an image
on Android it seems there is a race between loading it and the 'transitionend' event that
removes the 'class' attribute, which triggers the reftest screenshot.

I think we just need to wait for it to load somehow.

It's a bit mysterious why this turns up now though...
Does radio/checkbox elements have additional style sheets on Android besides forms.css?
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thanks :dbaron and :mats for chiming in here.

:snorp, do you know the answer to :mats question in comment 11?
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I'm not an expert on these bits, but there is some css for forms in
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This has been failing at 50+ times/week for the last few weeks, I want to disable this test, ni? myself to write a patch for that later today.
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Attached patch wallpaperSplinter Review
Waiting 1 second before taking the reftest snapshot seems to cure it.
It's a bit ugly, but think I'd prefer that over disabling the test.
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that seems reasonable- if we do that, we should consider leaving this bug open or filing a follow up to investigate the issues.
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Comment on attachment 8847113 [details] [diff] [review]

Review of attachment 8847113 [details] [diff] [review]:

this is really hacky, but it will help ensure we are avoiding timing issues.
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Wallpaper an orange failure by delaying the snapshot for 1s. r=me
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